Friday, June 15, 2012

Water Walking: Making Joints Feel Better

Lititz Springs Pool Unknown Swimmer

I'm currently in the midst of the save the knee campaign. I've been the midst of this campaign for years, ever since I was slam dunked by a vicious ocean wave and tumbled upon the shore. CURSE THAT WAVE. Anyway, that was the beginning of the deterioration of my knees. 

Two years ago, I was having difficulty getting off the second floor of our home. A wheelchair was beginning to look like an inevitability due to my knees and some other joint issues. I petitioned my doctor to send me to rehab. The first doctor turned me down. I didn't give up and I found one that not only gave me a referral to rehab but one that made it possible for me to aquatic rehab. Aquatic rehab included a few exercises in the water but mainly consisted of water walking.

Now I continue to do my water walking in the summer's in the local pool. I find this along with some some shots in the knee keep me limber for most of the year. Water walking is pretty much what the name implies. It is basically walking back and forth across the people. 

Water walking is fairly boring; however, it is the people that you meet and the sights that you see that can make it interesting. And speaking of sighs, trust me, some of the sights that I see should never be seen. For example,  the speedo ...  their are few people who can pull this off (Hm, made I should have worded that differently. 

"Men in Speedos (or other brief-style swimsuits) fall under the same general principle as women in belly shirts: most can't wear them without looking laughable. The form-fitting nature of the Speedo suits professional swimmers perfectly, and should be limited to their use. Many men in Speedos seem to think they're God's gift to women. In reality, most women, upon seeing a man in a Speedo (no matter what his body type or size is) can't help acting on their first instinct: to laugh. "

There are also those who have long since past the stage of where a bikini should be worn. Just because they make 10 X bikini's doesn't mean they should be worn. Need I say more.

It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini
That she wore for the first time today
An itsy, bitsy, teentie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini
So in the water she wanted to stay...
by Brian Hyland

Water walking is good for joints,cardiovascular health, and  the funny bone. 

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