Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It is ok to Feel What You Feel

On the Facebook page for Chronic Migraine and they had a post which basically stated that you have permission to feel what you feel. This holds true for migraine or any illness. The writing resonated with me but needed some adjustment. I modified it and have placed it below.

You have permission to feel what you feel.
You do not have to apologize for being sick.
You don't have to say you are sorry for breathing.
Why should you say that; you are sick and you feel ill.
Being ill was not your choice;
You don't want to let down family and friends...
You don't want to miss out on events and activities...
You don't want to put your life on hold...
If only,
the disease which you have was recognized for what it is; 
then you wouldn't have the guilt that accompanies it.
Denying pain or how you feel just adds to misery.
You no longer need to hide what you feel...
It is safe to feel what you feel when you feel it.
It is safe to feel and be who you are, 
all that you are 

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