Monday, September 10, 2012

What to Do When You Aren't Up to Making Art Due to Illness

This week I still haven't been able to been able to get around well. If you recall, I received Synvisc One injections in both knees about a week ago. I am getting better daily; however, in the duration my sleep has been affected. 

This means I don’t have energy. Zippo, nada, none, running on empty… 
I couldn’t get out my art supplies if I wanted to.

My art/fabric room does double duty, (it is a space on the second floor). It is a place for me to relax. It is a place where art supplies are and are stowed out of site. Although this keeps the room eye pleasing and relaxing, it makes it a bit more effort to get the supplies out for any  major art or fabric art projects. 

I’ve learned to keep a sketch pad, notebook, pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpener in a decorative box in reach. I have a box for scrapes of paper that serve as inspiration.  The sketch pad is great for low energy days. But what do I do on no energy days?

In the past, I’d flip through magazines and earmark them to rip out on a better day. However, I made a great discovery over the weekend. It is called Pinterest.

Pinterest is a virtual pin-board. It lets you post and share beautiful things you find on the web. You can also browse other peoples “boards” to get inspiration. I have found some interesting artwork done with paint-chips that looks OK but would look so much better in a different media. So for inspiration, it is a great place to haunt for inspiration when you don’t feel good. 

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