Friday, September 28, 2012

It isn't enough to join a gym; you actually have to go

Does anybody really want to go to the gym, do they; do they really? I think if they were honest with themselves the answer would be a big fat NO! However, I’m certain that with joining a gym the intention of using the gym is actually there. So it isn't enough to join a gym; you actually have to go.

It was about a week ago that I joined the gym in Ephrata. Today was the first feasible day that I could go. So since my motivation for the day was that I paid good money for a gym member (because who in their right mind actually wants to exercise), I best go or my husband will be mad for wasting money.

I know that the real reason behind joining the gym is the same as it was.  My motivation to join the gym was and is to get healthier and to delay total knee replace. I know when I went to physical therapy for my knees; I experienced less pain and had more stamina. I want to get this back. I also want to tone up since I have lost so much weight. I’m now close to a 100 pound weight loss and I don’t want to look like a lumpy bad of mashed potatoes when I’m done losing all the weight I want to lose. 

Surprise, doing the exercises that I previously done at physical therapy in an “endless pool” was much nicer in a real pool. I was a very nice experience. The pool area wasn’t nearly as humid as it was on the day that I toured the place. So I physically could breathe easier (Asthma, don’t you know). 

There were two things I didn’t like about the gym. First off the area around the pool was tile and there for very slick. I need to get crocs or some other type of shoes like them so I don’t fall and break something that hasn’t already been broken or previously damaged. With being on Methotrexate due to Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, healing is a bit of a challenge (as it is when you have most chronic illnesses). Second, the handicapped changing room is a co-ed changing room.  Yes, they have curtained areas but I don’t feel comfortable changing in there and the women’s changing room was way down on the deep end of the pool and it was too slippery to get there safely. I choose the non-option which was changing in a real door separate room handicapped bathroom.  Next time I’ll bring a croc and go to the women’s changing area.


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