Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things I Wasn't Told About Synvisc One

As I said yesterday, there is a world of difference between Synvisc (a series of 3 injections) and Synvisc One (as the name implies, the total amount of the medication, 90 ml is given at one time instead of split over the three injections). I went for my weekly Methotrexate injection (for Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) today and had a chance to talk with one of the nurses, at the small satellite office, in Manheim. I expressed how poorly I felt I was doing with the Synvisc One. The nurse there took the time to give me some valuable information about Synvisc One that I should have had prior to getting the shot this past Friday.   

Don't get me wrong, I was told before the shot about allergic reactions but that was about it. This is what the nurse told that i wish I had known sooner.

You will feel much worse before you begin to feel better.

Ice your knees (20 minutes on 20 minutes off) to prevent swelling (this is especially important the first 24-48 hours) and minimize pain.

Stay off your feet as much as possible.

I can take up to a month for Synvisc One to help decrease pain.

You might not want to get both knees injected at the same time when using Synvisc One. 

Excessive pain and swelling is more common if this a repeated injection (i.e. you have had either Synvisc or Synvisc One in the past)

I would add a few things to this list to keep in mind for the future. I got this shot 4 days ago and I am still not walking well. Count on being laid up for at least 5 days; if you feel better prior to this, fantastic. Have an adequate supply of pain medication on hand. Talk to your doctor about what pain medication you should use especially if you have a complicated medical history. Please keep in mind that if you have kidney issues NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) shouldn't be used without the doctor's OK.

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