Friday, September 21, 2012

Gym Suit, Swim Suits... And Yucky Exercise for the Chronically Ill

Yes, I'm back on one of my least favorite subjects. I didn't know this would rise to my second least favorite subject. Well, that wasn't until I got scheduled for the nasty colonoscopy on Oct 8th; but (not pun intended).

If you read my earlier post on exercise you know how horrid memories of gym class haunt my mind. I still have visions of ill fitting gym suits which give me nightmares. Do you remember the ones I mean. They were retched all in one things, that looked like shorts attached to shirts and had a zipper running up  back. Mine had royal blue bottoms with a stripped top. Talk about poor taste, one size fits none, and is not flattering on all (not even on the cheerleaders).

Anyway, I took the big step today and jointed the Ephrata Rec center. So I will be exchanging my ill-fitting gym suit of days gone by for a plus size swim suit. No it will no be a plus size bikini. In my opinion such things are obscene - or should I say, "should not be seen, at least not on me".
However I hope my plus size swim suit is one that I hope to out slim.

You see I've already gone down several sizes and I have several more to go. But the best way to get healthy is through the healthy lifestyle changes I've already made (no artificial dye, colors, preservatives, more organic foods, and leaner food choices) and add exercise. I have also gotten rid of doctors that I don't feel are giving me adequate care (I've mentioned that before).

All I did today was sign the papers at the Rec center; however, it is a start. Next time I will start water walking. Will I build up my stamina and then I will start working out on building strength on some of the weight machines.

As Randy Glasbergen says in one of his fantastic cartoons: "What fits your busy schedule better, exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day".  

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