Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Invisible Illness...But Feeling the Pain

Some of the illnesses I have would be considered invisible illnesses. Nobody can "see" the pain I'm in or you are in. They can only see the manifestations of that pain such as high blood pressure, grimacing, limping as when walking but they can't really see what we are feeling. Those that don't have illnesses don't understand how it can effect every part of your life from how you view yourself to your world view. It is so important for me to try to hold on to hope and not allow illness to define me. In other words, I am a person with chronic illnesses the chronic illness are not who I am.  

Although no one can fully understand another's illness or pain be it from Chronic Migraine, Fibromyaglia, or Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, etc  there is a bond in knowing that you aren't alone in a chronic illness. Others are fighting against chronic illness and we can lean a bit on each other and on our Creator.  

I found the following video on a link from last years Invisible Illness Week 2011. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did the creator of the video said the following:

“Having an illness that effects every aspect of your life, relationships and how you view the world has been an eye-opening experience for me personally. After meeting with other people who went through similar trials, my heart broke. I know that some people just need to be HEARD. (REALLY HEARD!) I created this video – as an affirmation and an encouragement for others. I know that through trials, God has a plan to use them for good and that is hope to hold onto – through the pain." 


  1. Hi Suzy, thanks for posting this. It's beautiful and inspiring, to all of us who have "invisible pain". My best to you.

    1. Thanks Linda. I wrote this after coming through a couple of really dark weeks. Perhaps the darkest weeks I had in years. It gave me hope too. I'm glad you found it as beautiful and inspiring as I did.