Sunday, August 19, 2012

Creative Reframing Illness and My Source Of Hope

It has taken me  a couple of years to accept that I have an incurable illness and that as a result, I need to change my life. I'm not just referring to my way of life such as trying to rid my life of stress, anger, and giving everything I have within me, I need to save a bit for myself. I also need to change directions.  

One of the biggest ways in which I needed to change is I needed to embrace my creative side and the fact that I am a creative person. And if I am to enjoy the rest of my life it is out of this creativity that I will ultimately and intuitively fine my purpose for the rest of my life, for the script I planned for life  just wasn't going to work.  I needed to find a more creative way to reframe what was happening to me. 

As one person I heard put it so succinctly said,  "When you are told you have a rare, incurable disease...your life changes immediately. Things are put in perspective. You take each day, each moment, and each second one at a time". You can't afford to take any thing for granted.

Whether you are stuck on a sofa, in a reclining chair or  in bed, it is hard to be depend on others for life's daily necessities such as making meals , walking to the bathroom, etc. Especially having worked as a registered nurse, these were  scenarios I never imagined for myself. 

Yet in the quietness and alone time. in the stillness if I listened carefully I could find time to 'hear God's voice through the Bible. And through at times although I felt alone, I knew I was not forgotten. Although there is so much I don't have control over, I know ultimately God is in control. Knowing this can help bring me peace.

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