Saturday, July 28, 2012

It Isn't Funny When Your Lips Stick to Your Teeth

In 2006,  I had a complicated migraine/migraine varient that left me with some cognitive deficits. It left me with some speech problems. At times, part of my mouth doesn't want to move (this comes and goes with migraines even now). It is not uncommon for me to lose my place in a conversation or to say try to say something and the wrong thing to come out. But instead of being upset or embarrassed or upset about these occurrences, I've learned to laugh at my mistakes (many times, these are extremely funny). But now I have a new symptom, and it isn't related to my migraines at all. My lips are now getting stuck to my teeth! I know, I know, very funny. NOT! Have you ever tried to talk like that. It is hard and you feel stupid trying to do it.

Well, when I have been chatting for a bit, my lips stick to my teeth. I can tell from the way this feels that I must look as silly as I feel, when this happens. However, constantly drinking is the only thing that keeps this from happening. Let's face it, beverages aren't necessarily available. All though many medications can cause dry mouth, I don't think this is the basis of my problem. I don't think this is the  issue as I've been on my current medications for a very long time.

Having a dry mouth can lead to tooth decay  ( and I hate going to the dentist). The body utilizes saliva in the beginning of the digestive process; it breaks down food particles that may be sticking to teeth. Lack of saliva can interfere with the tasting  and swallowing of food besides interfering with talking. Unfortunately, I just had an appointment with my rheumatologist so I'll have to wait a bit before I can get back in to see him. Dry mouth can be caused by medical problems or a medication side effect. So in all likelihood this is just part of my Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder (along with my dry eyes). Ah yes, autoimmune diseases - the diseases that keep on giving.

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