Sunday, October 7, 2012

What to say when someone gets cancer

I've been off of this blog for several days. I've been processing. One of my friends now has cancer. Another friend's mother died and I went to the funeral Friday. My dad is dying. And it is fall, a time when the leaves on the trees are dying. I'm not trying to be morbid. This is a season. It is a season that I am passing through. I won't stay here anymore than winter will stay. Spring soon will burst through the ground in all its glory. But as I said, it is a season and I am grieving for various losses.

 I am also wondering what I will say or not say when I finally see my friend that has cancer, face to face. As I have been rather preoccupied, I’ve decided to reprint a great article from psychology today called, “What Do I Say When Someone I Care about Gets Cancer?” The author is Dr. Mindy Greenstein.

What Do I Say When Someone I Care About Gets Cancer?

Making a lonely, scary experience less lonely and scary.

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