Thursday, October 18, 2012

IV Catheter Broken Off and Computer Screen Broken

The theme of this past week has been broken. When I was at the hospital the nurse that placed the IV in my arm used the wrong technique; she sheared off the tip of the IV catheter and it was left in my arm. I discovered this when a small piece came out on Sunday. 

A piece of IV catheter in the body that has broken off can cause an embolus. This can cause a stroke or heart pulmonary emboli.  In other words, finding this piece of IV catheter is a medical emergency if a piece is left in the vein. I didn't think this was the case but still needed reported to the hospital that was responsible for originally inserting the IV. It also meant a trip to the emergency room. Sunday afternoon was spent in the emergency room. To say my treatment there was poor is an understatement. If I didn't need to specifically be at this particular ER I would have walked out. I'll be ranting about the treatment of patients that are on antidepressants in the future. The bottom line was that my IV catheter broke off in my arm.

The other thing that happened this week was that my computer had an accident. I accidently dropped my laptop and now reading the top part of the screen is impossible. So I'm on an old laptop that tends not to work well. I call it my Dell Hell Laptop. Anyway, I've not to been on the net very much next week. I will try to be back to this blog more in the future. 


  1. Honestly speaking, if that happened to me, it would probably be one of the worst weeks of my life. Imagine, having a part of the IV catheter inside your body. Good thing it wasn’t anything serious. Couple that with a broken computer and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of frustration, especially if you’re using the computer for work. Maybe you should upgrade some parts of your laptop. The problem with old laptop parts is that some of them do get slower as over time due to wear and tear.

  2. What did it look like I have had a large long lump in my hand since my iv blew and the nurse yanked it out. It is so painful and starting to turn green.